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Apple~Shack Network

We host servers and ain't afraid of pears.

About us!

The Apple~Shack Network is a multi-gaming oriented community which runs a range of gameservers and gaming related sites. Majority of the time we enjoy playing TF2 and hope that fellow gamers would agree with this and join us on our servers!

We're always looking to provide something new and unique without all the hassle or mess that other communities give, our servers are exactly what you should expect and nothing more.
No fancy gimmicks, everything open to everyone and best of all, no premium systems.

Our network!

The Apple~Shack Network is the home to TF2RaffleHouse and
We're always looking to expand with future projects so make sure to check this space!

Our servers!

Connect - Connect Connect - Connect Connect

Connect - Connect TS3 - Apple-Shack Network TeamSpeak Viewer